Practice Start-up Services

Our practice start-up services include everything you need to get your practice started on a firm foundation.  We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to start-ups which is why each of our proposals are custom designed based on your specific needs.  Regardless of who you use, we urge you to invest wisely in your foundation.  Now is the time to do things right and a few dollars saved now will cost you a lot more in the future.

Many practices fail in the first 5 years because of a myopic view of what is needed to launch a successful business.  We work with you to develop a start-up plan that adequately fits your budget and overall goals.  Our objective is to ensure we do everything possible to mitigate risks, optimize returns and build something that will stand the test of time.

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practice start-up services

Common Practice Start-Up Services

  • Incorporation and registration of business 
  • Enrollment and Contracting service for the top payers in the area which is typically 20-25 payers
  • Medicare, Medicaid & Tricare Enrollment for the practice and all providers (when applicable)
  • Revenue Cycle Management & EHR Selection Assistance and Negotiation
  • Insurance Contracts analyzed and negotiated based on Top 20-30 CPT Codes
  • ERA/EFT enrollment assistance for commercial and government payers
  • Work directly with your billing staff or company to ensure you can submit claims
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Status Reports on deliverables
  • EDI enrollment for government and commercial payers
  • Business Plan and Budgeting
  • Practice location selection assistance & analysis
  • Malpractice Insurance Selection
  • Employee Handbook & Policy/Procedure Creation
  • HIPAA, MSDS & OSHA Compliance Training
  • Custom Website & Logo Design, Hosting, Support, and Email Administration with unlimited email accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing which includes establishing the brand on social media & local sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google, 
  • Custom patient registration portal creation and integration with your website
  • Regular Conference Calls and in-person meetings for larger clients


Client Reviews 

Here are a few of the hundreds of 5 star reviews we’ve received over the years.

You guys did an incredible job helping us start our practice.  We honestly could not have managed to get this off the ground without your assistance.  THANK YOU for your attention and for not getting frustrated with how little we actually knew.

Lori Sanford MD / Hancock Dermatology


Paul Eschen / Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team.  You have drastically reduced our anxiety and improved our efficiency over the past two years.  You have really made our recent acquisitions possible.  Thank YOU!

Tyler Pace / Century Care Inc

Thank you for 3 years of excellent service!  We’ve added over 30 providers since starting with you and wouldn’t have been able to do so without you.

Jean Roberson / Kittitas Valley Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PPS?

The complexity and time needed in starting a practice should not be underestimated and every practice is different and may require a slightly different approach.  We offer a wide variety of services and packages to fit every budget without compromising the end goal.  Our years of experience and hundreds of happy clients should give you confidence in our ability to take your idea and turn it into reality. 

Who do we help?

There are actually very few practice types that we cannot or have not helped.  Our practice start-up services are used by physicians, mid-level providers, therapists, labs and behavioral health providers across the country.  Whether they need help with just credentialing or are looking for someone to take overall start-up responsibilities, we are their solution.  As part of our practice start-up services, our team of accounting & legal professionals will help you set up your practice in the most tax efficient and compliant manner.  

How much does it cost?

Start up costs for our services range from a low of $2,500 to more than $20,000 depending on the level of service needed.  It is our goal to create a package that works for each of our clients as needs and budgets are not created equal.  It’s important for us to note that the level of your initial investment is directly correlated to the level of return you can expect over the first 2 years. Your foundation is absolutely critical and it’s imperative that you refrain from cutting corners when it comes to certain areas.  Buying used equipment or a smaller office initially is a much wiser choice than selecting the wrong credentialing, billing, marketing or EHR vendor.  We understand that budgets are often stretched when opening a practice and we are all about saving money.

How long does it take?

The recommended amount of time required to complete our services is approximately 120-150 days.  This is the optimal time frame but we understand that the luxury of time may not always be available.  If you have questions relating to how long something takes, it is best to send us an email with the specifics of what you are needing and we will do our best to set accurate expectations in terms of time/costs.  If you are already working under a group in the same area, it is possible that we can set you up under your new company in much less time.


Providing guidance and specialized healthcare services to medical practices for over 10 years.  We’ve assisted over 10000 providers and would love the opportunity to help you.  Our services are designed to fit any budget and nearly any practice type.  Contact us today to see firsthand what sets us apart.