So why let it?  Allow our team to come in and pick up where your team left off.  There’s no long-term commitment or minimum hour requirement and we often can find staff willing to join on a permanent basis.

we are here WHEN qualified STAFF IS HARD TO FIND

Don’t let the work build up or make a rushed hiring decision because your credentialing department experienced turnover or someone is unexpectedly out on leave.  It takes a lot longer and create more issues to dig out of a backlog than it does to just have a temporary staff member come in to help.

When Credentialing Mistakes are too costly

One mistake due to inexperience or a lapse in participation due to a lack of time can literally cost your organization thousands upon thousands of dollars.  We designed this service with you in mind.  Make the decision that mitigate this risk and allow our experienced team to join your organization on a temporary basis until you get your feet back under you.


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