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Medicare Bank Letter Template

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Medicare Enrollment EFT Requirements If you are completing the enrollment process with Medicare as a new organization, you will need to also complete the EFT enrollment process using form CMS-588.  Medicare requires that you send in a bank letter or voided company check (with the correct address and name displayed) along with the CMS 588.  […]

Keys to Evaluating Potential Credentialing Service Providers

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Don’t Risk Your Business With an Unreliable Credentialing Service Company This is a question that many of our potential clients ask when evaluating credentialing services.  This is an excellent question and there are a number of factors to consider which we will cover in this article. In addition to the below points, you should also […]

When does outsourcing your credentialing make sense?

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As we all know, healthcare facilities exist to facilitate and administer medical care to their patients. While we have advanced like never before in our cure rates, infection prevention, disease management, OR efficiency and nearly every other available metric, the roadblocks to actually running a successful practice have done nothing but increase in size. Every […]

10 Methods To Avoid Audits

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Hint: Modifiers are your friends. If you spend a lot of your valuable time processing appeals for denied claims, it’s time to fix your problems on the first claim submission so you can save time down the road and eliminate the need for appeals. Novitas Solutions, a Part B contractor in 11 states, recently shared a tremendous amount […]

Why Contracting is Still Critical When Starting a Practice

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When advising clients, we strive to put ourselves in their shoes as we believe that we can’t truly help without thoroughly understanding the situation.  Over the past 10 years, we’ve had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of provider groups across the country about revenue cycle challenges, practice start-ups, payer contracting issues and payer enrollment […]