Physician Practice Specialists (PPS), was founded in 2008 as a nationwide provider of credentialing, start-up consulting and contract negotiation services.  Since 2008, we have had the privilege of helping over 5000 providers across the country and start 25-30 new practices each month. 

All of our staff is based right here in the US which means that what we lose in margins, we more than make up for in superior service.  So many of our competitors have an “account manager” that serves as the client liaison but isn’t actually doing any work on your account.  All of the heavy lifting is subcontracted out to staff overseas.  Ask yourself if you feel comfortable sending your SSN, DOB and banking information overseas where our law and security policies are unenforceable.   Covid made the risks of doing this abundantly clear when entire outsourced operations were shuttered with many still struggling to recover.  With offices and staff around the country, we have the unique ability to connect our clients with an account manager that is actually familiar with their particular market.  

It is not enough to be good, we must be great.  This is our target and we will tirelessly pursue it.  As an organization, we are committed to continuous improvement and love finding ways to improve our customer’s experience.  We strive to be more than just another service or technology provider, we want to be part of your team and prove through our superior customer service that we are as committed to your success as you are.  


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“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what customers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

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credentialing reviews