Our Nurse Practitioner Credentialing and Start-Up assistance services are being used by nurse practitioners across the country.  We have successfully started over 100 nurse practitioner owned clinics throughout the US.  From start to finish, our team of experts can guide you through the process of starting your own practice.  Our priority is to ensure that you receive the guidance needed to start your practice on a firm foundation.


Common Services Offered in Our NP Start-Up & Credentialing Packages:

    • Full insurance credentialing and contracting services for all applicable payers.  This includes credentialing for PPOs, HMOs, TRICARE, TPAs and government plans as needed.

    • Medicare Enrollment Services for the group and/or individual providers

    • Medicaid Enrollment Services for the group and/or individual providers

  • Additional Services Offered:

    1. Connect clients with qualified lenders to help establish a line of credit or business loan
    2. Assistance with the selection and implementation of electronic health records & billing services.  We work with a number of different companies that provide our clients with exclusive pricing when using us for credentialing.
    3. Malpractice insurance and benefits negotiation for staff and physician
    4. Configure payroll policies or payroll service for staff
    5. Create hiring policies and employee handbook
    6. Create all necessary forms and policies for practice
    7. Implement OSHA & HIPAA training protocols for staff and physician
    8. Interview and engage a CPA in preparing monthly financial statements and handling all tax issues for physician
    9. Interviewing and hiring office staff as needed
    10. Negotiating will all service providers to ensure physician receives the best deal
    11. Buying office furniture and any medical equipment needed
    12. IT support and on-site setup of network and workstations

NP Practice Management Support (after initial start-up period)

Once your practice is off the ground, our firm can offer continued support and oversight as needed.  Most of our clients elect to keep us on retainer after the start-up process to act as an interim practice administrator until they can afford to hire someone full-time.  This works well for small practices that cannot afford to hire a full-time administrator at 80k-100k per year. As part of our retainer, we provide the following credentialing services: billing oversight, business development services, staff meetings, on-going compliance support, HR support, payroll processing, financial audits and IT support as needed.