Our Nurse Practitioner & APP Credentialing and Start-Up services have been utilized by APPs nationwide for over 15 years.  We have successfully started over 250 APP owned and operated clinics throughout the US.  On average, our team of professionals assists in opening  3-5 new APP owned medical practices each month.  There is still a severe shortage for medical services in many communities and nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide an excellent way to overcome this.

From start to finish, our team of experts can guide you through the process of starting your own practice.  Our priority is to ensure that you receive the guidance needed to start your practice on a firm foundation.

Our Credentialing & Consulting Services

  • Practice Consulting
    • Pro Forma Development
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Budgets
    • EHR Selection
    • Billing Review
  • Practice Location Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis 
    • Cost of Living Trends
    • Current Economic Conditions
    • Housing Market Review
  • Medical Website Design Services
    • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
    • Social Media and Online Profile Management
    • Submission and Monitoring of Health Review Sites

Does my state provide full practice authority to nurse practitioners?

Understanding Practice Status of Nurse Practitioners

Scope of practice guidelines for advanced nursing professions vary by state as indicated above.  As of 2022, there are now 33 states(& DC) that allow nurse practitioners full practice authority (without physician oversight).  However, some of these states still limit prescribing authority for nurse practitioners with only 24 having full prescribing and practice authority.  For more information, please take a look at our recent article on the topic.

Nurse practitioner credentialing

Free Practice Start-Up Checklist

Check off the boxes and follow our timeline to ensure nothing is missed or done in the wrong order.  This is completely free to any new practice.  We do require validation due to competitors that can’t find enough integrity to create their own resources.

Practice start up services