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Maintaining OSHA compliance standards is vital to the operation of any professional healthcare provider. While these steps do prevent high violation penalties, a well trained staff that is following guidelines also gives your patients a far better customer experience, resulting in higher patient satisfaction levels.

As an in-house compliance provider, our entire process has been converted into an online course library that fast, affordable and easy-to-manage compliance training for your entire team. Courses include resources and reporting for managers, along with documentation to ensure standards are being met by employees.

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No need to hire in-house compliance staff! Our affordable online packages help your company steer clear of OSHA & HIPAA violations and fines.

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End-to-End Compliance in One Place

No other platform provides true end-to-end compliance like our complete solutions. We offer hundreds of courses that span popular requirements such as OSHA, HIPAA and Infection Control.

Easy Learning Management

All on an easy to use online learning platform. If you would like to learn more about how our solutions can help your team, we’d love to give you a completely free look at the system and see how it can impact you.

These include capabilities for both employees and managers such as:

  • Online training for all your employees
  • Reporting for your key management staff
  • Online forms to ensure vaccination requests are handled
  • Reminders to ensure employees complete training

With our LMS platform, your entire staff has complete compliance capabilities at their fingertips that can be done on their schedules for a fraction of the cost of outdated traditional compliance services.

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