Strategies For Success Through Covid And Beyond

No one is entirely sure of the extent of these changes but one thing we can all be sure of is that it has altered our behavior and what’s important to us.  In this article, we’ll cover some general tips, ideas and some strategic objectives that should be tackled as a result of Covid-19

How much does physician credentialing cost?

credentialing costs

How much does physician credentialing cost? How much is credentialing costing your company?  We answer both of these questions in this article.

10 Key Metrics to Identify the Best Location For Your New Practice

The first step to selecting a new location for your medical practice is to conduct research in the area that you’re considering. Seems simple enough but what exactly should you be reviewing for a potential location. There are many factors that come into play when selecting a new location, including demographics, insurance payer outlooks, housing statistics and more. To determine which city/community would be best for starting up a medical practice, review how each one stacks up against these 10 evaluation metrics.  Ultimately, regardless of what the data says, your new location has to feel right for you and somewhere that you can see yourself practicing longterm

Download Credentialing Checklists

We understand that credentialing can be a frustrating and tedious process.  Regardless of whether you are joining an established group or opening your new practice, it’s imperative that you understand what to expect and are equipped with the required information to move through the process as quickly as possible.

Healthcare Providers Beware- Ransomware Alert

healthcare security

We wanted to take a minute to share an important reminder regarding the attack healthcare organizations have been under in recent months.  We received the below email from CIGNA today alerting providers about the recent spike in ransomware activity.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the hacking of data has been everywhere on the news recently.  Unfortunately, it could easily be overlooked or disregarded because of how focused we are on Covid-19.