Our Medical Licensing service includes the following:

  • Initial consultation to determine scope and understand longterm growth plans
    • It’s important that we understand your final destination as there are often ways to accomplish licensing at scale if that’s your desire.  This can be more cost effective than just approaching it one license at a time.
  • Research of all professional history
  • Completion of state board application(s)
  • Credentialing: (varies from state to state)
    • Medical School transcripts
    • Exam transcripts
    • Hospital Staff evaluations
    • AMA or AOA profiles
    • Federation Queries
    • Undergraduate transcripts
    • Postgraduate training evaluations
    • Reference letters
    • Completion of NPDB/HIPDB Queries
    • Malpractice claims history reports
  • Constant follow up with all Credentialing sources to ensure requests are being facilitated in a timely manner
  • Continual contact with medical boards, providing consistent and up-to-date information.
  • Weekly progress reports on your application status.

Medical Licensing Cost

The costs for our medical licensing service vary in cost depending on the number of states and providers.  Prices range from $300-500 per state per provider on average.  There are some scenarios where the cost would be much less so please don’t hesitate to reach out for a proposal.

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Provider Document Storage

Physician Practice Specialists maintains digital copies of all your important documents, transcripts, certificates, diplomas, CME certificates and verifications.  This information is stored on our Box.com enterprise server and will be transferred to you upon the project’s completion.

FCVS Applications

FCVS Applications will complete your FCVS application along side any board application or by itself. There are a handful of states that require FCVS such as South Carolina, Louisiana and New Hampshire. (Please go to our licensing requirements page for a complete listing of states). If you already have a FCVS profile established, a subsequent application can be requested on your behalf.

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