5 Reasons to Partner With a Medical Credentialing Company

As a practicing healthcare provider, you are required to maintain a valid credentialing status to satisfy industry regulations and accept patient insurance plans. This becomes an additional administrative task that could pull your attention away from focusing on patient care. Companies like Physician Practice Specialists offer professional medical credentialing services, handling each aspect of the process for you. Here are five reasons to work with such a company:

1. Expanded Patient Access 

A credentialing partner streamlines the provider enrollment process, allowing new doctors to start seeing patients more quickly. Improving your credentialing also helps expand your access to insurance coverage. Credentialing companies like Physician Practice Specialists can facilitate your in-network enrollment with an increased number of insurers and policyholders.

2. Improved Reputation 

A good reputation with insurance companies and healthcare networks can be a valuable asset. Knowing that your practice and medical credentialing partner are easy to work with may help remove some of the roadblocks in getting new providers enrolled. Your reputation may also improve amongst your patients. They have the knowledge that you or your practitioners meet the high standards set by the medical industry.

3. Increased Patient and Provider Satisfaction 

Credentialing guidelines help set the standard for quality care. Consistently delivering such care contributes to improved patient satisfaction, and having a credentialing partner to reiterate those standards could assist with maintaining them. Working with a credentialing company can also increase your providers’ satisfaction. Knowing your chosen organization can help them start practicing quickly and will handle all future tasks related to credentialing may help improve retention.

4. Maintaining Regulatory Compliance 

Credentialing companies make it their job to know the guidelines and regulations governing the healthcare industry. These include the filing requirements and deadlines for enrolling new providers with organizations and insurance payers. Your partner will also work to keep you or your doctor’s credentials current with regulatory standards. They may opt to conduct compliance audits to help keep all credentialing and enrollment processes up to date. Such audits also help prepare organizations for when actual regulatory auditors show up for inspections.

5. Ongoing Support 

Provider credentialing requires constant maintenance. A credentialing partner can handle almost all licensing and credential renewals, all while minimally impacting a doctor’s regular workflow. They help maintain all required documentation related to enrollment so that you, other administrators, or auditors can easily reference it in the future. They may also serve as one of your central points of contact with insurance companies, allowing them to assist in negotiating new contractual terms as those come up for renewal.

Choose Reliable Medical Credentialing Services 

Understanding your needs helps highlight how working with a medical credentialing partner may be beneficial. You could be looking to reduce your administrative burden, open a new practice, or improve the overall operational efficiency of your current one. At Physician Practice Specialists, we handle these needs (and more) for over 5,000 clients. We have specialized experience in areas like provider contracting, consulting, and negotiations. Contact us today to browse our services and simplify your credentialing process.