Should I add telemedicine services to my practice?

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As a company that has worked in the telemedicine space for the past 10 years, and actually helped found a second opinion cancer company, I feel that we’re uniquely qualified to answer this question.  Our first dive into telemedicine was actually in 2006 where we helped launch a teledermatology company.  Since then, we’ve worked with […]

Insider Tips to a Faster Credentialing Process- Part 1 of 8

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In this article, I’d like to review something that’s easy to adopt and can greatly improve the speed of your organization’s credentialing department.  The first tip that I will cover is something that I would really consider to be common sense.  Unfortunately, it’s rare that we see a formal plan or policy in place to guide someone through the process.

How much does physician credentialing cost?

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How much does physician credentialing cost? How much is credentialing costing your company?  We answer both of these questions in this article.

DOJ’s New Health Care Enforcement Initiative

On July 13, 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice announced to great fanfare its eighth annual national health care fraud “takedown.” This “largest ever” “takedown” is not what many might imagine — swat teams of law enforcement agents simultaneously rounding up suspects around the country. Rather, it was a press event at Main Justice in […]

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing Positions

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Our dynamic team continues to grow and we would love to have you join it.  We are looking to hire 2-3 enrollment specialists / account managers and another team leader over the next 2-3 months.  Experience in credentialing / provider enrollment is essential for these positions.  We will help expand your skill level but you should […]

Keys to Evaluating Potential Credentialing Service Providers

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Don’t Risk Your Business With an Unreliable Credentialing Service Company This is a question that many of our potential clients ask when evaluating credentialing services.  This is an excellent question and there are a number of factors to consider which we will cover in this article. In addition to the below points, you should also […]

When does outsourcing your credentialing make sense?

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As we all know, healthcare facilities exist to facilitate and administer medical care to their patients. While we have advanced like never before in our cure rates, infection prevention, disease management, OR efficiency and nearly every other available metric, the roadblocks to actually running a successful practice have done nothing but increase in size. Every […]

Updated Humana Medicaid Regs in Florida

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We received this correspondence and thought it was worth sharing to ensure all Florida groups are aware of the changes.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this or other credentialing concerns.   From Humana: Beginning April 10, 2017, claims will be denied for physicians and healthcare professionals with invalid Medicaid enrollment. To […]

CMAC Fee Schedule Tool

t is not unusual for us to be asked 3-4 times per week about fees and how much the VA or Tricare pays for a particular procedure.  The VA will typically reimburse providers at 100% of the CMAC fee schedule whereas Tricare will typically pay a percentage of the CMAC fee schedule.