credentialing services

Founded in 2008, our company is built upon the idea & commitment that physicians and practitioners deserve better.  Better services, better pricing and better results.  We deliver on these promises by providing unquestionable results that dramatically impact the quality of life and financial well-being of our clients.

Expect results!  Whatever the challenge, let us help design a plan and deliver solutions. All services founded upon our core values of:

  • Integrity is Paramount in every transaction
  • Disciplined Action = Observable Results
  • Continuous Improvement is through innovation & expertise
  • Outcome Driven is more than our orientation


  • Insurance Enrollment & Physician Credentialing Services
  • Physician & Provider Practice Start-Up Services
  • Practice Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Ancillary Services Integration & Optimization
  • EHR Implementation & Support
  • Revenue Cycle Management & Billing Services
  • Hospital & Large Group Provider Maintenance
  • Insurance Contract Negotiation Services
  • Fractional Practice Management Services
  • Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Services
  • ACO / IPA Formation & Administrative Services
  • HIPAA, OSHA & Medicare Compliance Training
  • Business Development Services & Provider Recruitment
credentialing services
  • “I cannot express how thankful I am for PPS. They have continued to be our most valuable business partner and have helped our practice tremendously. I highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

    Murad hired PPS for Group Contract Renegotiations, AR Analysis, Coding Audit, & New Physician Credentialing Services

    Murad Medical Group
    Murad Medical Group, El Segundo, California
  • “Physician Practice Specialists renegotiated our contracts and provided us with a 12% improvement to our bottom-line. This has been very helpful to our practice and we will most assuredly use them again.”

    Dermatology Associates logo
    Dermatology Associates of Northeast Florida, Palm Coast, Florida
  • “PPS is more than your typical business partner and the excellence in service and attention to detail shows me that they really do care for their clients.”

    Kasraeian Urology logo
    Kasraeian Urology, Jacksonville, Florida
  • “The words that come to mind are ‘Thank You for making the start-up process so smooth’.”

    Dr. Ahmed Hashim hired PPS for Practice Start-Up Services

    credentialing services
    Dr. Ahmed Hashim, Chicago, Illinois
  • We have been with PPS since I started my practice in 2008 and will continue to use them for practice management consulting and all of our credentialing/contracting needs. PPS has been and will continue to be our most valued business partner. We have continued to grow and now have 5 physicians in offices across the state. Thank you PPS for all you have done and I look forward to much more prosperity in our future.” – Dr. Michael Slobasky, CEO –Global Neuro & Spine Institute (hired PPSfor Full Practice Start-Up, Medicare Enrollment, Contract Negotiations)

    practice management consulting
    Global Neuro & Spine & Institute, Florida
  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you… That is really all I can say.”

    Hired PPS for Practice Start-Up Services and Medicare Enrollment

    Dr. Liesl Schott, MD, Dallas, Texas
  • “Thank you for the valuable services you have provided to my organization.”

    Hired PPS for Hospitalist Practice Start-Up services


    Timothy Willingham, MD, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • PPS provided timely and accurate Medicare credentialing for our four providers and new practice. We are very appreciative of the service they have provided and will continue to use them in the future.” – Geno Rivera, CEO, who hired us for Medicare Group and Provider Enrollment Services

    Stat Orthopedic & Rehabilitation, Phoenix, Arizona
  • PPS has been a godsend to me. I was a new NP and my training offered no experience on how to begin the process of credentialing. PPS takes all of your information, puts it in a data base; gets you credentialed and contracted very quickly. They have been quick with their responses and are like a dog with a bone following up with the insurance companies and CAQH. I recommend their service highly. Hope this helps and good luck!

    Leslie Cooper, RN, NP-C
  • Great service, renegotiated my insurance contracts and credentialed me with an HMO that we have spent years pursuing.” – Ed Mallard, CEO

    PPS was hired for Insurance Contract Re-negotiations.

    Health park Podiatric
    Health Park Foot and Ankle, Jacksonville, Florida
  • PPS is absolutely great to work to with. They amazed me with their timeliness and efficiency. I cannot imagine how our practice would manage without them. I highly recommend PPS with no reservations.”

    OSNC logo
    Orthopaedic Specialists of NC
  • Andrew Eriksen was an absolute godsend to our practice. I had been working with Medicare for months to change our location information. Medicare had quit paying us due to a piece of returned mail. I contacted my local Congressman and my state Senator’s offices as well as a local consultant to no avail. In desperation I posted my problems on the MGMA list serve. Andrew offered his help and 11 days later I received my first Medicare check in the mail. I cannot say “Thank You” enough. I will definitely take advantage of his company’s services in the future.” – Barbara J. Smart, LPN, CMPE, Practice Manager, Keating Family Medicine, Dawsonville, GA

    Keating Family Medicine logo
    Keating Family Medicine, Dawsonville, GA
Practice Start Up Services
practice start up services

Starting a practice can be challenging without the right help.  We help hundreds of physicians & NPs every year to help demystify the process and ensure a smooth transition.  Regardless of type or size, we provide everything needed to get your practice started on a firm foundation.  Our practice start up packages are designed around you and your unique set of needs.  Schedule a consultation today to see how our service stacks up against the competition.  It doesn’t have to cost 20-50k to start a practice, there is a better way.  Don’t spend your hard earned money on practice start up services that include a bunch of services that you could do without.  Take advantage of our custom packages designed using the principles from Lean Startup.  Contact us today to find out why hundreds of practices use our services instead of the competition.

Credentialing Services
Physician Credentialing

Our team of credentialing professionals have the experience, technology and resources to ensure a smooth and successful credentialing and contracting process.  Almost anyone can submit an application, but the key is to complete it right the first time and get the credentialing application to the right person to ensure you’re not still waiting 6 months later.  Most credentialing companies do not have a clue how to read an insurance contract let alone how to quantify its impact to your annual revenue.  This is just one of the many examples of how our company stands out when compared to other “credentialing companies”.  Whether you have Medicare enrollment challenges, need to become in-network with insurances, or just need help with CAQH credentialing; our nationwide credentialing service is certainly right for you. Our services are a great fit for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, hospitals, mental health providers and just about everything in between.

Revenue Cycle Management Services
medical billing services

We work with dozens of billing companies across the country and would love to let our experience help you make a wise selection.  There are plenty of companies that would love to have your business but the wrong decision can literally bankrupt your practice. Our preferred billing companies have demonstrated their expertise through their performance for our clients.  As part of our start-up package, we will compare in-house vs. outsourcing billing to determine which is the best fit for your practice.  We will also evaluate at least three billing companies that are a match for your specialty to ensure you make the best possible decision.  In addition to evaluating outside companies, we will also provide you with a proposal for our RCM services if the specialty and location is a match for us.

Insurance Contract Negotiation Services
insurance contract negotiations

Whether you are starting a new practice or just interested in making more for your services; our team of professionals can improve your insurance contracts thus making you more money for services.  Renegotiating your insurance contracts is something often overlooked but represents one of the quickest ways to increase your revenue and profits.  If you can make 10% more for doing the same amount of work, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this.  With declining reimbursements across the board, it is vital that you take the time and pay the money to hire a team of professionals to renegotiate your insurance contracts.  Our contract negotiation services are used by practices across the country to enhance their reimbursements.

Physician Website Design & Search Optimization
caqh credentialing

We have been designing and optimizing websites for the past ten years and have assisted 100s of practices achieve the results they were looking for.  Whether it is ranking better in the search engines or completely overhauling your site, our team of web and search engine optimization specialists have the experience and technical skills necessary to take care of your website needs.  Physician website design should not be left to web.anything, it’s the equivalent of purchasing your vehicle from Walmart.  Spend a little extra money and have something you are proud to show off to your friends and to potential patients.

Fractional Management Services
credentialing services

Quality leadership is a key factor to any healthcare organization, but finding the right talent to manage or grow an organization takes time.  We help organizations bridge any gap in management or fill a short-term position to take help with transitions or growth. With our talented interim management consultants, we ensure your business operations run smoothly as it goes through any transitional period.  Our management terms range from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on the level of need.

Some of Our Clients
Sonoma County
Miami Children’s Hospital
Mid Florida Cancer Centers
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hospital enrollment services

We know you are probably overwhelmed with information, so we listed below is a quick overview of the services we provide.  These services are provided by our team of over 30 employees on a daily basis to over 1200 providers nationwide.  All of the below services are applicable for Hospitals, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Therapists, ASCs, Imaging Centers, Labs and just about everyone in between.

Credentialing Services:

We help you through the process of becoming enrolled with the insurance companies.

Practice Start Up Services:

We help you start your practice, whatever that means for your particular practice.

Insurance Contract Negotiation Services:

We negotiate and renegotiate payer agreements for practices of all shapes and sizes across the country.

Physician Website Design & Search Optimization Services:

Custom designed websites and search engine packages to increase your brand awareness and grow your market share.

Be sure to contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for.