COVID Give Back Campaign

We are all experiencing this pandemic in our own way and we can only pull through this if we all work together for the collective good.  With offices in Northern California and Florida, this virus has hit close to home.  Personally, my wife actually gave birth to our fourth child on April 2nd which was incredibly stressful as you can imagine.  That on top of helping our three other children (ages 6-12) who were abruptly pulled out of school to start their homeschool journey.  In addition, my own mother and sister ended up being infected with the virus.  Thankfully, my mother has since made a full recovery but there was a two-week period where we weren’t sure if she was going to make it.  I know that my story isn’t unique and I only share this with you to offer some perspective from our side.  

As a company, we have been fortunate to be in a position to help providers adjust to the situation and introduce or expand telehealth services.  We have been working in telehealth for over 10 years and have taken numerous telemedicine clients nationwide with all major insurance companies.  This experience has been incredibly useful as we navigate our way through this crisis.  It has been very fulfilling as a company to see firsthand how our efforts can make a difference.  We have prioritized COVID relief organizations and new practices while doing our best to educate our current clients throughout this process.  Whether it’s working with practices on strategies to overcome the decrease in patient volume, credentialing for telehealth, implementing technology solutions or managing practice closures, it’s has been our pleasure to partner with our clients throughout this process.

We wanted to introduce one more thing we are doing for our new clients as part of our COVID relief effort.  In an effort to reduce costs for new clients while also giving to those in desperate need of help, we have decided to partner with GiveDirectly’s COVID cash relief. 

We will be taking 10% off every new project with half of the sum going directly to the new client and the remaining 5% going to GiveDirectly from now until every state’s movement restrictions have been lifted. 

We are not a huge company and ten percent off the top will definitely be felt but we recognize that there are millions out there in much worse shape than us.  We are still open and all of our team members still have jobs.  The same cannot be said for tens of millions in the US that are struggling to provide for their family. 

We look forward to working with GiveDirerctly and hope other organizations will join with us to help those in need.