When to Outsource Credentialing

At Physician Practice Specialists, we offer credentialing services to healthcare workers and facilities. Credentialing companies like us can help when you need to make sure your or your facility’s staff members’ qualifications and licenses meet the industry standards. Here are some situations where you may want to choose our professional credentialing services: 

When You Have Limited Understanding

Credentialing tasks are complex and specific and can be daunting to those who don’t fully understand them. You may outsource credentialing when you or your administrative team do not understand the specific requirements. When you partner with a professional credentialing company, your credentialing can get done correctly the first time. A limited understanding of the credentialing process may cause issues and delays, creating a longer process than necessary. 

Consider hiring a credentialing company if you have a limited understanding of what’s required during the credentialing process. Credentialing processes often involve compliance with strict industry standards, regulations, and accreditation requirements. Outsourcing to a credentialing specialist can help make sure you comply with these detailed rules. This can reduce the risk of errors and non-compliance.

To Increase Your Practice’s Cost-effectiveness

Consider outsourcing your credentialing to increase your organization’s cost-effectiveness. You can eliminate the need for an in-house credentialing department by outsourcing credentialing. You can also avoid the costs of training current administrative staff and investing in credentialing software. We can help you save time by credentialing individual providers and credentialing and enrolling with insurance companies. A professional credentialing company can save you time and money by providing all your credentialing needs in one place. 

When You Need Flexibility

Outsourcing credentialing can offer you increased flexibility as your facility grows. You can make your credentialing process more flexible by hiring a credentialing company. Credentialing companies can adapt to your workload and provide additional services and resources when needed. You can make sure your credentialing tasks get done promptly and adjust your requirements when necessary when working with an outsourced credentialing provider. 

As You Change Locations

Credentialing companies can assist you when you’re moving to practice in a different state. Companies like Physician Practice Specialists can confirm that you meet your new state’s credentialing requirements, allowing you to focus on your move. Our staff members get your credentialing done promptly to make sure you’re ready to practice when you arrive. Start the credentialing process early, whether you do it yourself or hire a credentialing company. It is a lengthy task that can take even more time to process when moving to a new state. 

When Setting up Your Own Credentialing Process

You may choose to set up a credentialing process for your healthcare organization’s administrative department. Our team can assist you in creating your own credentialing services process. Because of our experience, we can help adapt your processes to fit your organization’s specific needs. We have experience credentialing individuals and organizations nationwide and can confirm that your credentialing process meets all industry standards. 

When You’re Looking for Credentialing Software 

If your facility is searching for credentialing software, this may be a time to consider hiring an outsourced credentialing provider. At Physician Practice Specialists, we offer credentialing software that includes the following features: 

  • Administrative creation
  • CAQH integration and administration
  • Cloud-based software
  • COV verification
  • Creation management and workflow
  • EFT, EDI, and ERA management
  • HIPAA compliant 
  • Insurance application completion and tracking
  • Medicaid and Medicare enrollment

As you implement our credentialing software into your facility’s operations, you’ll get the support you need from our team through online or over-the-phone communication. To help you process the credentialing data, you can choose to receive easy-to-use and customizable reports through our software. 

To Improve Turnaround Time

Outsourced credentialing service companies often specialize in managing credentialing workflows and have established processes to make sure their operations are smooth. When you partner with one of these companies, you can rely on their team’s experience, dedicated resources, and technology to speed up the credentialing process. This may result in faster turnaround times and improved efficiency for your credentialing. 

When You’re Starting a New Practice

Consider outsourcing your credentialing when you are starting a new organization or facility. We can help consult you through the beginning stages of the credentialing process. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team, and we can provide you with our understanding of the credentialing process and give you a start-up checklist to follow. You can also browse our online blog to find more information and answers to questions that you may have as you begin building your new healthcare practice. 

As Industry Regulations Change

Consider outsourcing your credentialing when the government or healthcare industry makes significant changes to regulatory requirements or accreditation standards. Outsourced credentialing providers stay up-to-date on new industry regulations and standards to best help their clients. Credentialing companies should be willing to help their clients understand new regulations as they arise. Outsourcing your credentialing allows you and your facility to adapt quickly and make sure you’re in compliance with the updated requirements. 

Credentialing Companies Can Help Your Practice

At Physician Practice Specialists, we can assist you during times of change to make sure you and your staff members are appropriately credentialed. Credentialing is key to keeping your practice compliant and running smoothly. Though credentialing can be time-consuming and complex, our experts can simplify the process for you. Contact us today to learn more about how our outsourced credentialing services can help you and your practice.