Insurance Enrollment Services

Insurance enrollment is something we’ve been doing for the past ten years for clients all across the country.  Whether it is simple updates, full start-ups or taking over payer enrollment departments at hospitals, our team of experts have the experience and tools needed to take care of your needs.  There is no client too big or small for our team.  We have assembled the best group of professionals to serve the needs of our clients.

Why we are the best?

As the first nationwide credentialing company, we have continued to set the standard for the industry through our service and technology.  We have literally taken organizations from the brink of bankruptcy to thriving in their area.  Credentialing and insurance enrollment is unfortunately one of the last areas of a business to get attention and it is by far one of the most critical to an organization’s success.  Everything starts with getting set up properly with the insurance plans and ensuring the billing department has the information they need to properly bill for services.  You can call it bragging but we know that we are the best in the industry.  All you have to do is speak with one of our clients who have attempted to use another enrollment & credentialing organization.  We have assisted thousands upon thousands of providers across the country and would love to serve your organization.

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Why don’t we provide primary source verification?

This is a question we’re asked routinely and it’s really a simple answer when you think about how different the two services are.  It is the equivalent of me asking my cardiologist to do my vasectomy.  We have a great partner that offers this service in conjunction with ours.  The services are totally different which is why we found the best and decided to partner with them for primary source services.  We are excellent at what we do and we have always felt that excellence comes through specialization.  If you want to use a company that provides both, just understand that it’s highly unlikely that they would be considered an expert at either.  We have done well on the insurance enrollment and credentialing side of things because 10 years ago, we recognized that to be the best, we need to really focus on it.  That is what we have done and is why we refrain from doing anything that moves us away from our core business.  We are practice management experts and our expertise does not translate well into a verification business where you are simply sending items off to institutions asking for them to verify that this doctor or provider completed their education with the.  We are not saying that primary source verification doesn’t have it’s own set of challenges, we are just saying that overcoming its challenges doesn’t at all translate into expertise on the insurance enrollment and contracting side of things.  In order to do insurance enrollment and contracting well, it’s paramount that you have a thorough understanding of how enrollment and contracting affects the revenue cycle.  You will never find this understanding at a primary source verification organization.