Fractional Management Services

Quality leadership is a key factor to any healthcare organization. But sometimes finding the right talent to manage an organization can take time especially when trying to bridge an interim gap in management or fill a short-term position. This is where we at Physician Practice Specialists (PPS) can help. With our talented interim management consultants, we ensure your business operations run smoothly as it goes through a transitional period.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, interim management is inviting independent, highly qualified managers on a short-term contract to oversee an existing team and to make effective business decisions based on the challenges at hand. Interim managers are also hired for specialist tasks and to make strategic decisions to deliver results. Think of the interim manager as a “temp” — but a far more knowledgeable and experienced one.

Now, if you are wondering: “What’s the difference between an interim manager and a consultant then?”. Unlike consultants or full-time management, hiring interim managers works out cheaper as the standard perks doled out to company managers or big name consultants don’t apply to interim managers from an outsourced agency. Interim managers — and even fractional executives — are hired on a project or phase-specific basis, to drive change or turnarounds within an organization. Interim executives are often hired to fill the gap until a permanent manager is recruited.

Besides lower costs, when it comes to knowledge transfer tasks, interim managers have absolutely no qualms handing over their knowledge and expertise without refrain. Nothing is held back or charged for in addition to providing management services. In fact knowledge transfer tasks are one of the most common reasons for hiring a specialist manager on an interim basis — at a cost much lesser than that of a consultant from the “big four”.

Interim managers work across various industries — from manufacturing and IT, to FMCG and financial services. At PPS, our interim managers have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. Many in our team have worked at both independent practices and at some of the nation’s best hospitals. Our team is comprised of managers, medical professionals and turnaround experts. We offer interim executives skilled in:

  • Hospital Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Coding & Documentation
  • Process Improvement
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Operational and Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Re-structuring
  • Profitability Turnaround
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • All aspects of HR functions

As we bridge the gap when key management personnel leave, we identify and suggest to our clients, key players to whom tasks can be delegated. This way, an organization does not suffer from a much needed leadership absence and business operations continue to run in an orderly fashion. By assisting in recruitment and hiring, PPS will help ease the transition process by providing training and mentoring for new leadership. Our team of interim managers can also manage key projects or initiatives that require specific skill-based expertise. PPS’ approach to interim management combines both experience and the ability to quickly implement performance improvements.

So if your organization is in need of interim management, send us a message by using the form to the right or e-mail us today.

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