How Medical Practice Consulting Services Assist With Compliance

Compliance in the healthcare industry involves adhering to various laws, regulations, and standards for safe, effective, and ethical healthcare services. At Physician Practice Specialists, we provide medical practice consulting services to boost Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Here are some ways medical practice consultants assist with compliance:

Coding and Billing Review

Medical practice consultants review coding and billing practices to enhance accuracy and compliance with relevant coding guidelines. We can assess the practice’s coding systems, such as the current procedural terminology, international classification of diseases, and healthcare standard procedure coding system codes. Consultants look for coding errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, which can impact the revenue cycle and reimbursement.

For the billing process, consultants can check the charge capture process and details in the billing system. They review the claim submission process to verify that medical practices send claims accurately and timely. Consultants recommend establishing a system for ongoing monitoring of coding and billing practices to maintain compliance.

Training and Education

Medical practice consulting services entail training staff on regulatory changes, patient privacy, and documentation requirements. We offer HIPAA training to help healthcare professionals understand patient privacy and security measures. Training covers technical safeguards, including access controls, encryption, and authentication measures to protect electronic health information.

Consultants also provide updates on changes in healthcare regulations and industry standards that may impact medical practice. Staff can receive training on the proper documentation practices, including accurate and timely recording of patient information, procedures, and treatments. Refresher courses help healthcare professionals stay informed about regulation changes and reinforce best practices.

Electronic Health Record System Implementation

Consultants can implement electronic health record (EHR) systems that match the size of the practice, specialty, workflow, and existing infrastructure. They can assess the EHR system’s security features, encryption protocols, and access controls to safeguard electronic health information to boost HIPAA compliance. At Physician Practice Specialists, our team confirms that the EHR system supports interoperability standards, facilitating seamless data exchange with other healthcare entities.

The process entails integrating the EHR with other systems within the practice, such as billing or laboratory systems. Implementation includes establishing audit trails to monitor access to electronic health records. Consultants support the implementation of patient portals within the EHR system, promoting patient engagement and compliance with regulations that encourage patient access to health information.

Response to Regulatory Changes

Consultants can track updates to laws, guidelines, and industry standards that may impact medical practices. Changes can include revisions to reimbursement policies, privacy regulations, telemedicine rules, fraud laws, and quality reporting requirements. Upon identifying regulatory changes, consultants analyze and interpret the implications for medical practices. Experts assess how regulatory changes impact policies, procedures, documentation, billing practices, and overall compliance.

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