How Can Physician Credentialing Services Help My Business?

Physician credentialing is a highly regulated, time-consuming, and detailed process. It can include documentation collections, verifications, payer contract evaluations, reporting, updates, and more. Credentialing services can handle the credentialing process from beginning to end, freeing up your time to complete other tasks. This can positively impact the efficiency and overall success of your medical business.

Physician Credentialing Services

Physician credentialing can refer to the process of verifying a provider’s license or what providers undergo to participate with different insurance companies. We can help enroll a provider in insurance so they can see members of various health plans. During the credentialing process, the payer validates that the provider meets their requirements to see and treat their members. After completing this process, and assuming the insurance payer has network availability, the provider and payer will sign a contract that covers expectations of each party and reimbursement information. This process must be completed for every insurance company and plan that a provider wants to enroll in.

How Can Physician Credentialing Services Help My Business?

If you have outgrown your in-house department, are starting or relocating to a new practice location or have concerns about remaining compliant with your insurance payer contracts, it may be time to outsource services. There are various benefits to working with a credentialing firm, including: 

Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

Physician credentialing services are designed to navigate healthcare regulations and accreditation standards. Our experience allows us to know and meet each payer’s requirements. We also stay on top of industry requirements to make sure your practice remains compliant, mitigating the risk of denial or financial repercussions.

Accelerate Provider Enrollment

The provider enrollment process is time-consuming and tedious. Outsourcing to an experienced credentialing firm like Physician Practice Specialists can expedite the process. We are well-versed in the requirements and regulations and know the forms and information we need to complete enrollment. Accelerating the enrollment frees up valuable time and allows providers to start practicing so they can begin generating revenue. 

Minimize Revenue Loss

Efficient credentialing makes sure that physicians are correctly enrolled with insurance providers. An efficient credentialing solution can reduce errors and paperwork during the enrollment process. This includes revalidation applications, contract negotiations, payer fee schedules, telemedicine credentialing, and more.

Combine With Other Services

Physician Practice Specialists offers many services, including credentialing, revenue cycle management consulting, practice start-up consulting, website design, marketing, contract negotiations, compliance training, and more. These services were all designed to help your business grow in various aspects. Taking advantage of these services can help you streamline business processes and increase your revenue.

Improve Your Practice With Credentialing Services

Credentialing services can enroll providers efficiently, contributing to the reputation, financial success, and compliance of your business. It is an investment that can assist your practice as it grows and changes. Physician Practice Specialists was the first nationwide credentialing and enrollment company that is still in business. We are well-versed in different insurance payer’s requirements and know how to complete them in an efficient and timely way. Our services are designed to accommodate physicians, nurse practitioners, hospitals, and universities. We can help regardless of the business’s size or needs. Schedule a 1:1 meeting today to learn more.