Guidelines when outsourcing your billing office

Many of our clients outsource their billing office to a third party but not all of our clients have had a good experience with this. Unfortunately, many companies cut corners and hire workers (or don’t hire enough workers) who are uneducated in your specialty and ill equipped to handle the demands of your office. If […]

DMEPOS Application Essentials

Here are a few key things to remember when submitting an application to enroll your business in the DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment and Prosthetics/Orthotics). The applications required for enrolling a business or new location are 855s, CMS588 Remember that you need to send a complete application in for each new service location regardless if your […]

Affordable care act

Healthcare Reform Declared Unconstitutional by Florida Federal Judge

Today, 1/31/2011, a federal judge in Pensacola, Florida declared the Healthcare Reform Law unconstitutional. Specifically, he pointed to the individual mandate requiring citizens to purchase healthcare coverage as unconstitutional and that Congress exceeded the bounds of their authority under the constitution. You can view the full ruling here: Federal Judge Declares Healthcare Reform Unconstitutional

contract evaluation tools

Conversion Factor Fee Calculator Now Available

Understanding the Conversion Factor and how it Affects Your Fees Ever read an insurance contract and wish you had an easy way to understand exactly what you are getting paid and how it compares to Medicare. This tool will quickly tell you what the fee is you can expect along with how it compares to […]

NP Insurance Enrollment Question – From Forum

Here is an interesting and common question that was posted in our forum. 8:16 pm 30 August 2011 webbly18 New Member posts 1 I recently joined a practice where the NPs are billed under the physician even though the doctor is not always in the building. The doctor was told verbally by an insurance company […]

PPS CEO Meets Clark Howard

I had an interesting opportunity a couple weeks ago to speak with the purveyor of consumer advocacy, Clark Howard. Myself and a friend/client of PPS (Dr. Ali Kasraeian MD met with Clark to discuss our idea of creating a radio program that will help patients take ownership of their health while sharing insight into […]

It’s Official – Practice Financing Now Available

Physician Practice Specialists has entered now has access to some great financing opportunities for new and existing medical practices through our partnership with the practice finance division of Wells Fargo. There are numerous options available to help physicians grow their businesses or help them get their dream off the ground. The financing is available nationwide […]

DMEPOS Medicare Application Fee

Bad news for providers in the form of a new cost of doing business. Medicare has instituted an application fee as of March 25, 2011. You must submit an initial application fee to the National Supplier Clearinghouse of $5xx. NSC is who processes the 855s DME applications and is now returning any applications that do […]

Medical Licensing Employment Opportunity

We are looking for a medical license credentialing specialist who can take over our the licensing for our physicians and providers. We prefer someone who is well versed in the medical licensing process for multiple states. If you only have experience in one state, it must be Florida, Texas, California, Tennessee, or a state in […]