Free Competitive Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis first looks at your area and what people are actually searching for related to your service offering.  We then look at how much of this traffic your competitors are capturing and compare this data to your results.  What we hope to do with the analysis is present you with opportunities for advancing your share of the online traffic.  More traffic to your website means more patients for your business.  Within our analysis, we are only looking at mobile and desktop search frequencies on Google’s search engine.  It also measures your performance within Google maps/local to determine how you rank compared to your peers.  Our article on selecting a location for your medical practice includes some important and effective methods you can utilize to better gauge competition and growth outlook within an area.  We recommend reading this if you haven’t already(How to Select the Best Location for your New Medical Practice).

Questions Our Report will answer

  1. Where is your website traffic coming from? 

  2. What keyword/phrases are having the greatest impact on your business? 

  3. How do you compare to competition related to these searches? 

  4. How many people are looking for your services each day?

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